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I’ll show you how to carry your skis so that they’re not dangling all over the place. With this technique, you’ll even have a free hand.

Follow the step-by-step instructions to carry your skis like a pro. This way you can even have a free hand to hold on to a railing, someone’s hand or even carry your coffee or boots. 


  1. Put the ski bottoms back to back with the brakes “hugging” each other.
  2. Skis go over your shoulder. Bindings behind your shoulder. (Note: the rear binding?)
  3. This is how you balance them. See how my left-hand goes over the front side of the skis to balance.
  4. Your left-hand holds the poles. See how the right hand is free?

I’ve lost count of how many ski-carrying “hot messes” I’ve seen. Don’t be my statistics. Follow this elegant way of carrying your skis. One caution: Don’t change your direction abruptly. You can poke out somebody’s eye. 

When you reach your destination, you put the poles on a rack. You put the skis on a rack. Here’s a link that shows how. VIDEO LINK HERE.

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