Hi friend!

May I show you how to park your skis elegantly and according to skier etiquette?

Don’t leave your skis flat on the ground. It’s not nice. It’s an inconvenience for other skiers to go around your skis to reach the ski racks, and they might stumble.  Be considerate and park your skis at a ski rack. (Note: how about jabbing them into the snow if there’s no room? I do that.)

Here’s the step-by-step:

  1. Put the skis back to back with the brakes hugging each other.
  2. Lean the skis against the rack. 
  3. Ski tips upwards. 
  4. Put the pole straps over the ski tips. Voila.

Here’s a tip: Make sure to remember where and in which rack you parked them. And here’s a hack. If your skis are very expensive, park one with a friend’s skis, and park the two unmatched pairs in different racks. Thieves won’t take mismatched skis. 

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