What level of skier are you?

Check out the descriptions to determine your skiing level. 

You’re a FIRST-TIMER if you have never skied before. You have never put on skis to glide over snow. 

You’re a BEGINNER skier if you say YES to 3 of those: 

  1. Do you know how to stop?
  2. Can you turn using a gliding wedge?
  3. Can you sidestep up and down a hill using your ski edges?
  4. Can you change your direction by turning your legs? 
  5. Can you tip your skis to turn?
  6. Have you ridden a conveyor belt and/or a chairlift? 

Beginner skiers ski on green terrain. 

You’re an ADVANCED BEGINNER skier if you say YES to at least 3 of those:

  1. Can you link wedge turns?
  2. Can you make turns to control your speed?
  3. Can you steer your feet to parallel?
  4. Can you skate on your skis?
  5. Can you side slip on both sides?

Advanced beginner skiers are comfortable on all green terrain and they’re ready to explore easy blue slopes. 

In our ski retreats, you’re welcome to repeat any part from the previous levels if needed. 

You’re an INTERMEDIATE skier if you say YES to 2 of those: 

  1. Can you match your skis before the fall line? 
  2. Can you change the edges of both skis at the same time?
  3. Can you link parallel turns in small moguls and powder?
  4. Can you pole plant in every turn?

Intermediate skiers make parallel turns on all blue terrain

You’re an ADVANCED skier if you say YES to 3 of those: 

  1. Can you change your turn size and shape on steeps?
  2. Can you use your poles for timing and rhythm on every turn?
  3. Can you carve short radius turns?
  4. Can you link parallel turns on moguls?
  5. Can you adapt to changing conditions in all blue and easy black terrain?

Advanced level skiers comfortably ski on all black terrain. 

You’re an EXPERT skier if you say YES to these:

  1. Can you vary your turn size, shape and rhythm on all-terrain?
  2. Can you adapt and ski in all snow conditions?
  3. Can you make dynamic carved short and long radius turns in all conditions?

Expert skiers are the masters of all black terrain. 

Want to learn all aspects of skiing? Join me at a ski retreat and move up to an intermediate level.  Click here for more information about ski retreats.

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