Have you ever put your skis on and immediately froze in fear?

Frustrated? Others skied effortlessly down the hill and you’re stuck whimpering in a snow drift! No, thanks!

If this sounds familiar, then you know that skiing can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! With some help and gentle encouragement, that first hard day of learning will turn you into a confident, graceful snow bunny

We’ve refined the first-time skier experience into a fun experience—let us show you!

We offer ski retreats both in the US and abroad. Our retreats include ski instruction, yoga classes and you’d possibly make new friends!  You’ll receive 2 1/2-day ski coaching by professional ski instructors in small groups in addition to daily yoga nurturing your skier’s mindset and muscles.

Celebrate progress, not perfection.

Hi, I’m Ceylan.

I’m a ski instructor, creative entrepreneur, and philanthropist. I’m a bilingual and bi-cultural nomad at heart. As much as skiing, I’m also passionate about sustainable living.

I’m the founder of SkierTV.com and I’m a professional ski instructor.  Throughout my career, I have seen girlfriends, wives and hot babes all crying on the side of a slope out of anger and disappointment. You want to get down the hill gracefully. No one wants to use ski patrol assistance if they don’t have to — so we come to a point that requires a change of your perspective:

The first change of perspective needed is knowing that once you pass that difficult “beginner” stage, skiing goes from being fun to being really fun. It’s the reason why people travel all over the world to ski different resorts.

The second change of perspective needed is that you cannot just expect to put skis on and ski down the hill instantly without coaching or help. The first few days of learning to ski is a process… and most boyfriends, husbands, friends don’t know the process or how to teach it to you.

That’s where we come in.

Each retreat includes:

You’re supported before your retreat. Once you sign up, you will receive the exclusive 7-video training including:

  • How to pack for your vacation
  • What to expect from your first ski lesson
  • How to put your ski boots and skis on
  • The top 5 flexibility exercises to use one week before your ski vacation
  • The top 3 muscle activation moves to practice before your ski vacation
  • 3 tips to avoid elevation sickness
  • How to turn on your skier mindset

And of course, you will be able to ask your questions before and/or during the Q&A webinars. You’re primed for success!

You’re primed for success!

You’re supported during your retreat. We help you manage elevation sickness and show you how to pick the right rental skis. We hold a fun indoor workshop on your arrival day and show you how to buckle your boots, click them in, and carry your equipment. Learning how to take off your skis gets very handy when you fall and cannot get up with your skis on!  This process sets you up for success.

And those morning skier yoga classes activate the much-needed leg muscles and release the tension at the right places.

You don’t have to get lost in the details.

Our Approach

These are the foundational principles points that we stand for.

  1. Celebrate progress, not perfection
  2. Embrace connection
  3. Experiences over things
  4. All movement is play
  5. Growth happens in all life situations
  6. Cultivate a childlike curiosity – We provide a judgment-free neutral space

We celebrate your progress, not perfection. You can find a sample itinerary here.

If you’d like to be in this picture, raise your hand!

Hey, you can spend your vacation sitting by the fire and sipping your cocktail—there’s nothing wrong with that… However, I believe it’s more meaningful when you push yourself and learn something new.  Can I help you do that?

We also do custom retreats…

We’re thrilled to offer custom options for any ski lover! We create programs, including but not limited to, rites of passage celebration, and women leadership retreats. for corporate women looking for empowerment building retreats. Visit our custom programs page to get inspired. And feel free to contact us here to discuss your needs.

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