What if you could master ski techniques better in six days

than you could by skiing all year on your own?

What could beat doing yoga and skiing

in the Andes Mountains of South America in the middle of summer?

This adventure features two groups: one for beginners and another for intermediate skiers. Get ready to become a more confident skier. You’ll not only improve your technique, but you’ll also learn a step-by-step strategy to better your skiing in future seasons. You’ll gain better body awareness participating in skier’s yoga. You’ll acquire the tools to “read” the mountain. Through mindfulness activities, you’ll learn to recognize and break through your limiting beliefs on the slopes and even in life.

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What if you earn your bragging rights

after a summer ski trip to Chile?

Retreat Dates

  • 1-8 August 2020

Skill Level:

  • Beginner skiers
  • Intermediate skiers 

This program is for:

This program is NOT for:

●     First-timers
●     Beginners
●     Intermediate skiers
●     People who have tried skiing and failed
●     People who are open-minded, a little adventurous, willing to commit to a fun process, growth-minded

● Advanced skiers
● Expert skiers*

*We won’t be jumping off a helicopter and skiing on the moguls. We won’t be fine-tuning mogul skills. We have something here for you, though.

If you’re an advanced skier and want to heliski or work on mogul skills, we have the right camp for you in Portillo on 9-16th of August. Here is more information.  

What’s my level?

If you aren’t sure at what level you currently ski, click here for a handy guide. I’LL COMPLETE THIS PART LATER.

What’s Included

  • A welcome cocktail party and orientation on Aug 2nd 
  • A celebration party on the last day Aug 8th
  • Round trip from/to Santiago Airport in a group shuttle
  • 7 days of guided skiing with world-class instructors, Ceylan Sonmez and Eric Lipton
  • 5 day morning and evening yoga/meditation classes
  • On-mountain mindfulness practice
  • 2 video reviews and analysis of your technique

What’s not included

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Lift passes
  • Accommodation packages* start from $4900/per person.

*Accommodation packages include 7-day hotel stay, 3 meals per day and 7-day lift passes.

Please fill out the interview form to receive your invitation and accommodation options.

Group Size

  • Limited to 12 people 

Destination Airport

  • Santiago Airport (SCL)


  • $4950 Ask for group specials!

In this retreat, you’ll become a well-rounded skier.

Our Curriculum includes:

In a fun indoor clinic, you’ll learn how to:

  • Put on and take off your equipment including how to buckle your boots to avoid painful shins
  • Find your athletic stance for effective dynamic balance
  • Read a trail map and find your way around the mountain

On snow, you’ll learn how to:

  • Load and unload from chairlifts 
  • Turn gracefully any time you want
  • Stop on a dime
  • Carry your skis and poles like a pro
  • Read the mountain and the weather
  • Find the best snow on the mountain 
  • Avoid dangerous situations

Then depending on your progress, you’ll truly master these skills on the slopes either during this trip or in your next depending on how quickly you catch on:

  • How to make graceful, carved turns
  • How to ski uneven terrain like moguls
  • How to find and create your flow on the mountain

In the yoga and meditation sessions, you’ll practice exercises that will allow you to:

  • Create better body awareness 
  • Activate muscles to help you to stay in control on the slopes

In addition, you’ll learn how to:

  • Pick the right equipment for the conditions
  • Pack for a ski trip mountain casual style
  • Make smart equipment and gear purchases
  • Find the best apres ski spots
  • Train your mind to stay in control if you get out of your comfort zone

Are you ready to conquer the mountains?

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Ski ya later!