New to skiing? You’re in the right place.

Learning a new sport can be nerve-wracking (especially as an adult!)  If you’re looking to get on the slopes, but don’t know where to start, you’re in the right spot. At each retreat we provide fun indoor clinics where you learn the basics of skiing, then with your professional instructor, together you practice.

We guarantee that our teaching methods will give you the confidence to explore the mountain

We provide tender loving care with just enough bum-bum slap to get you out there. After all, encouragement is our expertise. We’re so confident you’ll get from the top to the bottom of the mountain successfully, we offer a money back guarantee.

You'll up your snow game, thanks to these signature services:

Get In The Zone
We prime you for success! Through the exercises at our indoor clinics, you'll know what to expect from the first ski lesson, from how to buckle your boots to ski etiquette while gliding down the mountain.   You’ll be with professionals all the way, guiding you through each step to make it down the mountain feeling like a gorgeous, confident skier.
Daily Yoga
Yoga helps you improve your body awareness in relation to skiing. Once your skier’s muscles are stretched and activated, technical instructions get easier to apply. With a good stretch session, you are prepped for success every step of the way.
Ski Instruction
In your indoor clinics, you’ll learn principles like how to get up when you fall, how to carry your skis and poles in one hand, and how to ride a chairlift. In the actual on-snow lessons, you'll be coached on how to make turns, stop safely, and ski various terrain.

Hi! I'm Ceylan.

I'm a ski instructor and founder of SkierTV. You deserve to enjoy your new sport, and I’m here to support you.
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