No more faceplanting off a ski lift aka how to ride a chairlift

Dear snow bunny, 

Here are 3 tips to unload the chairlift safely without embarrassment. 

  1. Keep your ski tips up, so that you don’t faceplant under the chair lift. 
  2. Stand up by the signs aka orange cones in Deer Valley, for instance. Your skis will caress the snow and you’ll get up.
  3. Lean forward like a superwoman. 

Here is what NOT to do:

  1. Keep your skis pointed straight ahead, and don’t wedge them or you’ll get tangled with the person next to you. 
  2. Don’t use your poles. The chairlifts are designed to let you gently glide downward. Keep your poles in your hands to enhance your balance. You can also use one hand to push yourself off the chairlift. 
  3. Don’t hang out in front of the chairlift drop off point or other skiers will run into you Get out of the way.

What to do if you faceplant.  Stay down or the chair may hit you. The lift operator will stop the chairlift and would help you get up. Be patient. 

Hire an instructor and follow your instructor’s step by step instructions. Once you ride one chairlift, you can ride any chairlift. It’s the same principle for all chairlifts. Before you take any chairlift, make sure that there’s a trail coming down that matches your skill level. 

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